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  • Ma Zhiguo: The Effect of Typical Cases Concerning Copyright Protection to Copyright Industries in China Under the Background of Intellectual Property Powerhouse
  • Published:2018/05/24 13:10:24 News source:

Abstract: The national strategy of constructing China to become a great power in the field of IPRs has been brought forth recently which raises the development of copyright industries on the agenda. Under such circumstances, the method of issuing typical cases of copyright protection must rise to the challenge of the development of copyright industries. However, we found that there exists a lack of access between the cases and the practice of the industry in the copyright legal profession currently. So we proposed a logical pathway to explain the actual dynamic system of how cases make impact on industries: reinforce copyright protection to motivate copyright owners to register their work. To prove this perspective, we did empirical researches using related data over the past 10 years which led to quantitative analysis results and suggestions on further development of both copyright law and copyright industries.

Key words: IPRs great power; Typical Cases; Copyright protection; Copyright industry.

Journal: Science & Technology Progress Policy, 2017.10